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Lead Gen FAQs

What does lead generation in digital marketing involve? +-

Lead generation is the process of acquiring contact information about your company’s prospective customers. That means targeting those that have shown an interest in your company or the services you offer - rather than just reaching out to cold prospects.

For example, if someone answered a survey you created or downloaded your latest informative eBook, this demonstrates that they might be interested in a phone call with you and that they could be converted into a customer. This is what we class as a lead.

To put it into simple terms, lead generation is all about finding unique ways to attract people to your business so that you can sell your products or services to them. In digital marketing, this could involve creating unmissable pieces of content that spark interest in your company. It’s one stage of your marketing funnel and is intended to instil a sense of trust in a potential customer to help nudge them even further down the funnel.

What are the main differences between B2B and B2C lead generation? +-

Nowadays, digital marketing has to be tailored to each unique business and industry. A campaign that works for one business may not necessarily work for the other. That’s why lead generation for B2B campaigns should have different aspects than that of B2C campaigns. Let’s take a look at what we mean.

The sales cycle

Appealing to businesses can be more complex than appealing to consumers, in that more points of contact and information are usually required. This tends to make the sales cycle longer for B2B lead generation, where businesses need that extra push to commit to expensive or important contracts.

Finding your audience

Businesses and individuals hang out in different places on social media. This influences where your lead generation efforts should be focused; think LinkedIn for B2B and Facebook for B2C as a general rule, though this isn’t always what’s best.

How many different channels are utilised in a common lead generation campaign? +-

The most effective lead generation campaigns take a multi-channel approach. The actual number of channels you need depends on a few factors and varies between campaigns. Channels could be emails, social media or whatever your customers are interacting with. There are a few questions to ask yourself before determining the channels that will best work for your campaign:

  1. What do I want to achieve from the campaign - and how will this be measured?
  2. Who is my audience?
  3. How will I utilise inbound marketing and what content will you create?
  4. What would I class as a “lead” and how qualified does one have to be to be passed over to the sales team?

Deliver your message using a tailored strategy to ensure it ends up in front of the right eyes and attracts those interested in your business. Nurturing customers along the sales journey is all about showing them a little love on multiple channels, not just one.

What are lead generation forms? +-

Lead generation forms are used to capture user’s data, in order to potentially offer them a service, product or consultation. Marketers send users to a form using email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation or other channels, and the form should be designed to convert as much traffic as you can.

Do you guarantee a set amount of leads for each of your clients? +-

As a responsible digital marketing agency, we cannot guarantee a set number of leads for our clients. In fact, if an agency is making promises like this - run the other way!

One thing we can guarantee is that you’ll have some of Australia’s best digital marketing experts working on your strategy and that we know the optimal ways to execute one. We won’t stop until we achieve a good ROI for every single one of our clients and we’re proud of the results we’ve got so far.

The target number of leads will depend on factors such as your industry, average order value, sales cycle length, conversion rate and more. When you first come on-board with Impressive, you’ll speak to a strategist who will explain what we’ll do to reach your goals and will be available for any questions you have throughout the duration of your campaign.

How do you ensure the quality of each lead acquired? +-

We prioritise quality of leads over quantity. While some agencies might promise endless amounts of leads, it’s likely that the majority of the leads aren’t qualified and will not actually become a customer. Such a situation is a huge time-waster for companies, as the sales team has to call people that have no interest in buying from you.

The Impressive team uses proven tactics to improve lead quality. We do this by focusing on things such as:

  • Focusing on your ideal buyer persona
  • Capturing vital pieces of information in forms that further qualifies a lead
  • Using automation software to track potential buyers’ journeys and their intentions
  • Using data to drive every campaign
  • Properly nurturing leads
  • Ensuring all content is informative and comprehensive, so leads understand your business is a good match for them
  • Understanding the dynamics of different industries and tailoring lead generation efforts to each one
What do you constitute as a quality lead? +-

A quality lead is defined differently by different businesses. Lead quality is a measurement we use to predict how likely it is that a lead will convert into a customer. The products you sell will affect how we measure lead quality for your particular campaign, but there are a few ways we identify a quality lead.

Some examples that might signify a quality lead include:

  • They download your content (whitepapers, eBooks, etc.)
  • They fill out forms on your site to request to be contacted
  • They call your sales team
  • They open your emails
  • They browse multiple web pages on your site (this can be tracked in Google Analytics)

In digital marketing, someone that is analysed as being more likely to become a customer is known as a marketing qualified lead (MQL). We’ll take the time to find out the type of buyer you want to contact your company (including their demographics, behaviours and activities) to nurture more MQLs.

How much do lead generation companies charge? +-

The cost of hiring a lead generation company varies so widely, it’s impossible to put a tag on it. Companies will generally charge a fee for the execution of your campaign, as well as a management fee. You’ll also have to pay for clicks and leads, the price of which varies depending on your campaign. Speak to Impressive for a quote for your unique brand.