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FAQs Social Media Marketing

How is the creative portion of your campaigns executed? +-

We have a team of super savvy digital designers in-house. These guys work with our campaign strategists to develop socially tailored creative that is not only a great reflection of your brand, but also converts!

How can I track the progress of my social media campaign? +-

We’re all about transparency, so you’ll be able to access your ad accounts at any given time. It is a bit of a maze in there though, so in addition to your access, we’ll break down the campaign performance in our fortnightly catch-up calls. We also conduct monthly reporting catch-ups in person, where you’ll get a full summary of your campaign’s performance, clearly detailing all results and trends.

What are the benefits of social media marketing for a small business? +-

Unlike traditional media, social media is an incredibly cost-effective channel, it’s also measurable. With social media marketing you can measure the results from every ad that’s in-market, from the demographics of the people engaging, to which ads are converting. This means you can measure success and ensure your marketing dollars are being well spent.

How much does a good social media marketing project cost? +-

We have different package options available that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

What's the ROI? +-

We don’t make promises on results as every business is different. We can however provide you with estimations based off our current clients - it’s very likely we’ve worked with a business just like yours!

Do I need a blog for my campaign to really work? +-

Absolutely not, when you come on-board we’ll dive into your business and develop Social Ads that speak to who you are and why customers or clients should engage you. We tell this story not only through ad copy, but our creative also.

Should I choose one platform to use or spread my budget across multiple platforms? +-

We’ll guide you here! The Social landscape is constantly changing, and although majority of our campaigns are currently run across Facebook and Instagram, this won’t always be the case. As the landscape changes, and we foresee new trends across our portfolio of clients, we’ll adapt your campaign to get you the best results.

Which social media platform converts best and which is best? +-

This is different for every business and objective, chat to us about your business and we can determine where your marketing dollars are best invested. Like above, this can change over time!

How much of a budget would I need to run a large scale enterprise campaign? +-

We work with budgets from $1,000 a month to $100,000 a month. For our enterprise campaigns, we typically work to a minimum spend of $5,000 though we can provide a recommendation here based on the results you wish to achieve.