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Digital Marketing Strategies That Produce Real Results

There are a lot of agencies out there that will promise the world and deliver donuts, and do you know why? There’s no strategy behind what they do. It’s all well and good to tell a client that, say, a social media campaign is a good way to engage potential customers, but you need to ask why…read more

The team at Impressive knows how to put together the right digital strategy for your business. We don’t just tell you what will work and what won’t; we explain why the online marketing strategy we’ve put together will produce real results. We work with clients across all industries and continue to deliver amazing outcomes for them – let us do the same for you.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah – it’s one of the Impressive crew stopping to save puppies and kittens from a burning building while on their way to work.

See a massive ROI with our performance marketing services

If you’re looking to get the very best ROI (Return On Investment, for those playing at home), you can’t look past performance marketing. But what exactly is performance marketing?

Put simply, it’s a type of ad that doesn’t have a fixed payment. There are a few different options out there, each with their own benefits:

CPC (cost per click):

You only pay when users click on the ad.

CPM (cost per thousand views):

Price varies depending on how many times the ad is displayed.

CPA (cost per action):

The action can differ, but generally it’s referring to a completed sale.

CPL (cost per lead):

You’re charged when a customer enters their contact details.

The type of performance marketing included in your particular digital strategy (if any) will depend on a few things: target audience, campaign goals, budget, etc.

We build digital marketing strategies based on research

Once we’ve had a discussion with you to get a firm understanding of your business, we’ll undertake in-depth market research and create buyer personas for your appropriate target audience. Armed with this information, we’ll tailor a digital marketing strategy specifically for you and explain the reasoning behind it.

Our expertise lies across every facet of the digital spectrum, so whether your strategy calls for SEO/SEM, a killer content marketing concept, social media or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

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