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5 Reasons Why Dyson’s Social Media Strategy Definitely Doesn’t Suck

We’ve experienced our fair share of sexy brands pushing their sexy products our sexy way. The obvious culprits are usually cosmetics companies and fashion houses, showcasing the latest in sartorial style and highlighters so bright they could land planes.

We didn’t think there was space for anyone else to enter the game…. until Dyson shifted our paradigm forever.

Yes, you heard right, Dyson. Famous for its filter-less vacuum technology, the company has been at the forefront of tech-savvy home appliances since its inception in 1991. That was pretty much all they were known for, until their latest offering added beauty appliances and killer social media skills to their repertoire.

Their social media and content strategy has managed to completely win us over. Here are 5 reasons why:

1- They Know Us

Like the boyfriend you’ve always wanted, Dyson listens and pays attention to the audiences they’re targeting. As if gifted with an intuitive ability to read people’s inner machinations (or just thanks to a really well-developed buyer persona), Dyson knows exactly where to find audiences that will love their products and the types of ads that will speak directly to them.

There isn’t even a tinge of sexism to their targeting (insert women and vacuum cleaner jokes here, “haha” 😒). Most of their adherents are women, but there’s more to it than that.

In fact, being part of the cross section advertised to is almost empowering, as Dyson targets individuals who are not only after high-quality products but those who represent the intelligent, solid income earner, keen to invest in artfully constructed technology to last a lifetime. That’s us – not the flippant consumer!

(Note: More on this targeting will be covered in the other areas)


Dyson Instagram
Instagram: @dyson


2 – They’re Luxurious

We already know Dyson products suck, but apparently, Dyson blows too… in a good way!

A key release that caught our eye was their range of hair care appliances. One, in particular, their Supersonic hairdryer. Not only is the item 6x lighter than the average hairdryer (blow-wavers rejoice – no more tired arms!) but it’s designed to smooth the hair out, lock in shine and prevent heat damage through incredible scientific engineering (that we at Impressive don’t claim to understand!)

The item is exquisitely made, justifying its pretty hefty price-tag. They’ve even taken it a step further with their latest edition of the Supersonic dryer being gilded by hand in 24 carat gold from Italy.

This extravagant addition helps to draw parallels between the artisanal craftsmanship of the gold gilding, the delicate nature of the human hair (which is thicker than the gold-leaf used) and the effort and care gone into developing and producing such an effective appliance.

Sales have already soared in China where the brand is now dominating the market. This is an example of expert targeting.

Dyson's Supersonic Hair Dryer
Behold.. Dyson’s Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

3 – They Pursue Environmental and Social initiatives

Not only does Dyson appeal to luxury markets, but they’re reeling in millennials with a passion for environmental and social welfare. They know what the people care about. The James Dyson Foundation not only invests in the science of their products but also “provides funds, materials and mentorship” for budding inventors who want to better the planet but don’t have the means to do so.

Of particular notice is the James Dyson award which has helped fund projects like prosthetic legs for amputee mountain climbers and bio-reactive expiry labels for food!

Dyson isn’t just another company out to make a profit. It is showing the world that they’re concerned with sustainability, innovation and making people’s lives better through the power of giving inventors a chance.

Here’s a video from their social channels that showcases two James Dyson Award-winning inventors, whose wind turbine design may one-day power entire cities.

4 – They Hit us with the Science

Dyson’s appeal is also partly down to the brand’s ability to make their scientific methods accessible as well as exciting. When you watch one of their ads, you’re not just watching a vacuum suck some dirt (how boring!), you’re watching a piece of futuristic tech that took months to develop and will revolutionise how you live.

The sheer effort that goes into creating each masterpiece is half of the appeal, while the vision it provides of how it can enhance your busy millennial lifestyle sells it.

Deal closed – take my money, Dyson!

Our favourite is “found footage” ad that Dyson created for their air purifier come air conditioner, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier. Not only does the footage showcase a female authority in her field (appealing to intelligent female consumers), but it reveals exactly what it does and how much you need it.

With Dyson sales reaching a record high of £801 million in 2017, the numbers have seen a steady incline due to the company’s successful foray into the Asian market, particularly due to increased awareness of air pollution caused by combustible engines.

5 – A Brand of the Future

Lastly, Dyson’s clever use of social channels has positioned it as a brand of the future. With a tone of voice and content offering that exudes innovation and environmental accountability, the brand is illustrated as a company whose longevity is as certain as the working life of their products.

Recent publications have even revealed that the company is set to begin production of an electric car, with a factory located in Singapore, Asia’s epicenter of international trade.

The company founder, Sir James Dyson, states that he’s dedicated to investing £2 billion into this project to ensure the most skilled workers are on hand to make this dream project become a reality in 2021. The chief ambition being to solve the air pollution crisis and also provide upskilling opportunities for the emerging electric vehicle market.

Electric car

With a plethora of other projects in the works, as well as a long-term vision for both the company and the planet, Dyson is without a doubt a company of the future, enhancing its overall appeal to the modern millennial market that has grown to love the spirit backing the brand.

With more and more of their social campaigns finding themselves in front of the right people, the success of the company is sure to achieve both financial gain and public support.

Get ready, Dyson’s about to clean up the competition. With a powerful social media strategy, you can, too.



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