The Best Fashion eCommerce Brands on Instagram & Facebook

The Best Fashion eCommerce Brands on Instagram & Facebook

This year, new social media champions have risen with once obscure brands transforming into household names within a matter of months.

These notable eCommerce brands taught us the game changes no matter if you’ve been on social for years or just got your account. If these profiles are anything to go by, you need dedication, a carefully curated digital strategy and heaps of creativity.

The Best Fashion eCommerce Brands on Instagram & Facebook


These guys aren’t obscure.

However, Etsy sits on the fringes of renown, in the shadows of other eCommerce aggregators such as eBay and Amazon.

This online marketplace gained a bevy of dedicated followers and purchasers adamant to find unique, sustainable and handcrafted gifts.

Its success can be largely attributed to a social media strategy focused not only on achieving sales, but also on inspiring visitors to be crafty and come up with ideas of their own.

Furthermore, using the site’s search engine can be an experience in and of itself with results opening doors to all sorts of interesting and unique items.

Email campaigns centre on a trending theme and provide craft inspiration for DIY projects.

Check out this example of an Etsy email about “family” and see how it creates inspirational subtopics for special events like weddings, baby showers and home décor:  

Etsy Best Fashion Ecommerce Brands Digital Marketing Example Image

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With streetwear being the attire of choice for frumpy older millennials and youngsters alike, standing out from the crowd (especially for authorised resellers) presents a challenge.

While Hypebeast started as a speciality sportswear and sneaker reseller, it has since become a standalone brand that not only reflects and promotes urban culture, but also SHAPES it.

This is thanks to the brand’s holistic approach to urban culture, blending aspects of music, film and fashion into one. By creating a hub for all things pertaining to its niche, its social channels syphon visitors toward its site to shop and stay up-to-date with all things street culture.

Check out the juxtaposition of Hypebeast’s latest articles which cover social activism, the new Yeezys and contemporary American art, all on the same page.

Hypebeast Fashion Social Media Picture

Charm’s Korea:

While Charm’s’s followers may not sit in the millions like our other featured profiles, this fashion brand’s unusual content offering and equally unusual designs make waves throughout its home of Korea AND overseas.

What makes this grunge-inspired fashion brand stand out from the rest?

All its social content takes creative risks. The aesthetic is brutalist: a blunt lace-up-grunge-boot-kick in the face mixed with the minimalist pastel palette that dominates most social accounts.

Charm’s is different, confident everyone appreciates its vanguard attitude.

Charm’s promotes its niche look through ‘influencer’ partnering with KPOP’s biggest names to reach an audience of loyal buyers—buyers just as passionate about the brand as they are of their music idols. These bands have 3 million followers ON AVERAGE, all of whom are VERY DEDICATED, so the sales conversion is sure to be very high.

With the fashion industry now feeling the winds of change due to Korea’s growing influence in retail, expect more Asian brands to dominate.

Charm's Korea Facebook Example


Boasting high engagement and an extremely active user base, Patagonia set a new precedent for sports apparel brands the world over. Its content offering largely focuses on user generated content, which assists its engagement strategy (obviously).

However, its greatest success factor is encouraging user participation through dedication to environmental initiatives. Sales are a secondary focus.

Patagonia’s social channels exhibit this same spirit, and it has launched its own social activism app. This app informs people about local causes in hopes of uniting special interest groups to take action against environmental injustice.

By permeating this sense of community empowerment through all its channels, Patagonia stays relevant.

Check out how the Patagonia app makes a huge difference amongst grassroots activists:


Our last brand needs no introduction. In fact, it’s arguably the most famous fashion brand in the world.

However, you won’t find Chanel resting on its laurels. The fashion house stays relevant and up-to-date with the changing tides of the digital era.

Not only does the company boast a cool 30 million followers on Instagram alone, but also its creative content perfectly reflects the changing climate of the beauty industry, celebrating diversity and what it means to be a fashionable woman in the current era.

When perusing Chanel’s channels (say that 5x quickly), you see strategic partnerships with beauty icons who have paved their ways in their own niches, celebrating the strength and dedication that comes with being a successful modern woman.

Chanel Social Media Example Image

With so many brands forging their way in the social media game, you’d better believe that your business can benefit from a strategy that makes the most of its social channels, both through organic and paid advertising.

No matter where you’re at with your social media channels, it’s never too late to come up with something amazing that could potentially send your business skyrocketing!