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Client:White Bohemian


Type:SEO, Social Media Marketing

White Bohemian is the perfect clothing, accessories and home decor store for the modern-day bohemian hippy.

The Mission

White Bohemian came to Impress!ve to grow their already thriving business. They wanted to generate more organic site visits and exploration, while increasing brand awareness and exposure.

The Process

We focussed on SEO to increase White Bohemians online presence, and SEO outreach offline to propagate the brand. By collaborating with prominent fashion and bohemian lifestyle bloggers Impress!ve was able to implement a decisive organic search strategy. This allowed White Bohemian to be mentioned continually in a definitively positive manner, in the right social fashion spheres.

The Results

Impress!ve achieved outstanding results for White Bohemian, increasing their SEO traffic by 648%. The organic search strategy resulted in White Bohemian being ranked number 1 for bohemian jewellery and bohemian clothing, while also ranking for an additional 120 new search terms on the first page of Google. This thoroughly established White Bohemian as an online authority in bohemian fashion retail, generating a substantial search presence.

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