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Client:NEUW Denim

Type:Data & Analysis, Web Development

NEUW Denim is a fresh, raw, global denim brand with its home-grown roots firmly in Australian soil.

The Mission

NEUW knows good denim. They also know that buying denim online can be tricky. NEUW needed an online user experience that revolutionised the way we buy denim online, catering to the style of the individual client, not the mass consumer.

The Process

We analysed the way customers moved through NEUW’s site currently, identifying pitfalls in transactions and the possible reasons for lost conversions. NEUW wanted to design an interactive tool that allowed users to create their own individual perfect pair of jeans, moving far beyond purchasing the correct size and style. We found that, while most online denim purchases were from home, the preliminary research was completed via mobile device. In order to make conversions of this research, Impressive lead with a mobile first strategy that readily enhanced the online user experience.

The Results

As a result of the interactive create-your-own jeans interface tool, NEUW have seen a significant increase in mobile conversions, and massively increased online interaction with the fresh new design interface. Revenue has increased and returns and exchanges have decreased overall creating more happy denim wearers.


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