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Digital Strategy, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Social Media

Client: Coffee On Cue


Type: Digital Strategy, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing

Coffee on Cue are Melbourne’s leading mobile event coffee cart hire company.

The Mission

Coffee on Cue wanted a whole new digital marketing strategy to launch and grow their business on a grand scale. They wanted create mass brand awareness, cultivate new business and nurture relationships with previous clients to ensure, like with a great cup of coffee, that they always return for more. There were also some online integration issues, particularly around fulfillment and customer database management that needed our tech attention to eliminate.

The Process

For Coffee on Cue, we used a two phased approach. Firstly, we developed and implemented a CRM stack, to properly prepare the brand’s online presence for the scalable traffic being driven to the site. This provided Coffee on Cue with a solid foundation to effectively monitor and manage business traffic, efficiently distribute new leads internally and ensure engaging, ongoing customer relationships.

Once phase one was in place, we were able to roll out a tailored, customised SEM and SEO strategy utilising AdWords, Facebook marketing, Google remarketing and Hubspot to increase brand awareness and conversions. By working with Impress!ve partner ‘Hubspot’ we were able to effectively manage and distribute Coffee on Cue’s email marketing content escalating conversions and keeping current clients interested in what’s going on at Coffee on Cue HQ.

The Results

Our combined, two phase digital marketing strategy has dramatically increased new business for Coffee on Cue while fostering ongoing relationships with current clients. Additionally, working with Hubspot has cultivated lead generation and conversions.

Our SEO strategy boosted Coffee on Cue’s search engine rank position, driving business to the site. Organic traffic was increased by 66%, paid traffic by 84% and social by 67%. Through conversion optimisation strategy we have reduced the bounce rate to 33% from 50%, and increased sessions on website by 1 minute and 14 seconds.

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