Episode 31: Getting the Most out of your eCommerce Store

Episode 31: Getting the Most out of your eCommerce Store

Are you ready to put your eComm marketing on steroids?

Impressive knows a thing or two about eCommerce stores (in fact, we’ve won a few awards in that space). Our speciality is in eCommerce, working regularly with businesses to build campaigns that attract potential customers, re-target regulars, and get those desired results.

On a daily basis, our eComm experts get asked loads of questions by both start-up businesses and established brands alike, so we thought we’d collate and address the most common ones.

“Expecting such a hugely positive return on ad spend for a brand-new business with no brand equity is counterintuitive.” – Russ Macumber

Meet Russ & Johnathan

In today’s episode, Strategy Director Russ Macumber shoots off a round of questions to Senior Account Manager Johnathan Salamon about common challenges that many eCommerce businesses face. In his answers, Johnathan highlights how to handle the little things – such as customer retention – taking the smoke and mirrors out of attribution, and the importance of personalisation.

The conversation covers:

  • Best content management system and why? (6:00)
  • Shopify Plus vs. Magento: what’s better for me? (6:48)
  • What’s the average conversion rate for my eComm website? (7:30)
  • My social traffic is not converting – what gives? (10:26)
  • I’ve installed heat mapping software – now, what do I do? (12:38)
  • Where does attribution fit into all this? (14:40)
  • How do you measure success when you’re running loads of different campaigns? (17:32)
  • What’s a reasonable expectation for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)? (18:50)
  • What’s the best program for email automation? (22:11)
  • How does personalisation factor into driving sales? (22:52)
  • Final tips and advice (25:55)

“There are much more cost-effective ways to keep that user buying from you. Think of how you can keep your clients as well as how you can get them.” – Johnathan Salamon

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