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A Seamless Integration of Email Marketing Services

Those who tell you that email direct marketing (EDM) is dead should stick to their day jobs. And if their day job is digital marketing, well, they need to make a career change (#sorrynotsorry). For those who aren’t in the know, it’s easy to think this way – these days we’re inundated with emails every day. In fact, it’s actually been reported that there are more than 205 billion sent and received globally every single day. And let’s face it, many of them get deleted before they’re even opened…read more

That doesn’t mean, though, that we delete everything that makes its way into our inboxes; only the stuff we simply don’t care about (or have time to read). But to say the entire email database marketing side of things is kaput couldn’t be more wrong. If it was, why would so many businesses still be investing in it? No, it’s not dead. Quite the opposite, in fact – it’ll deliver the best ROI you’ll see across your entire marketing campaign, inclusive of both online or offline.

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Customer database marketing solutions for nurtured lead generation

To create an email marketing campaign that converts well, there’s an ample amount of research involved.

The first question that needs to be answered is Who are the recipients? Standard practice across all areas of the marketing mix revolves around knowing who your main target market is, and EDM campaigns are no different. We use comprehensive research and data analysis to discover market segmentation (demographics, psychographics, geographics, etc.), and build unique buyer personas for both primary and secondary target markets.

Also, it’s important to develop content that’s specific to each stage of the buyer’s journey. The message that’s being sent to someone in the awareness stage will be vastly different to what’s sent to someone in the consideration or decision stage.

Building customer database marketing strategies are very impactful when they’re done well, so much more so when integrated with other digital marketing services. If you’re looking for vastly increased sales figures, contact Impressive today.

What makes us a cut above other database marketing companies?

A standalone EDM strategy will provide you with an increase in leads, sure. But if you want to really see the massive impact a full-scope online strategy has, ideally you need to combine other areas. Impressive has the knowledge and understanding to deliver a wide range of expert services on top of our top-tier database marketing solutions.

This includes social media marketing across all platforms as well as SEO/SEM to get you onto page one of Google and everything in between. Let’s work together and systematically kill your competition (not literally, of course).

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