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For A Data Driven Strategy Based On Web Analytics

If you build a house without a solid foundation, it will collapse. The same goes with building a marketing strategy without the right digital/web analytics and research.

A bit cheesy? Sure, but it’s 100% on point. Research and analysis of the marketplace should be at the forefront of your digital campaign, and unfortunately there are a number of supposed digital marketing ‘experts’ out there that do none before giving you their recommendations and selling their services. This is where we differread more

At Impressive, every aspect of the digital strategy we come up with is created based on in-depth, data driven marketing analysis. But how exactly do we delve into the minds of your target market? Well, we have a guy working with us who looks a bit similar to Charles Xavier from X-Men, but unfortunately he doesn’t have Professor X’s mind-reading capabilities. So we have to put in the hard yards and get into some serious research.

Speak with the semi-superheroes at Impressive about our research methods on 1300 191 943.

Google analytics are just the tip of the iceberg

An important piece of the data driven marketing strategy puzzle is most certainly using search engine analytics tools. Whether that’s Bing or Google, it’s important that the information you receive in user behaviour on your website (and off it) through this data is used in order to create a good strategy. That’s not all, though.

In addition, it’s important that you incorporate every other aspect of your online campaign into the mix; email marketing (CTR, conversion rate, etc.), social media (engagements/likes, etc.), blogs (shares, comments, etc.) and everything else. Data is a beautiful thing, and the more there is, the more effective the strategy moving forward will be. You’ll be able to clearly see where the best ROI is coming from, and optimise accordingly.

The journey and personas of buyers are vital to campaign success

Without a firm understanding of who your buyers actually are, it’s incredibly difficult to know how and where to market to them. After a wealth of research and data analysis, we create buyer personas for clients which then allow us to build data driven marketing strategies.

Further to this, we offer a comprehensive (and very awesome) content marketing service which is focused on the different stages of the buyer journey. That is, content specifically created for where your buyers are on their path to purchasing; awareness, consideration or decision.

Forget throwing out different kinds of bait and crossing your fingers – let’s work together and shoot fish in a barrel.

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