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eCommerce is on the Rise. Are You?

eCommerce is on the Rise. Are You?

Last year, the Australian eCommerce B2C turnover increased by 39.8%. With more and more people having instant access to online retailers and completing purchases with a few taps, sales are shooting up.

The question is, can your business keep up?

Your eCommerce is nothing without the SEO to back it up. You wouldn’t fill a retail store with beautiful products, border up the windows and expect people to buy your things. Because that doesn’t make any sense!

The same is true for the online world. Get yourself an eCommerce SEO company that knows how to make your products more visible than ever before, so you can guarantee to rank higher than the competition.

eCommerce SEO Best Practices for Off-the-scale Results

eCommerce SEO Best Practices for Off-the-scale Results

There’s no point in taking a half-baked stab at your eCommerce SEO strategy. You need facts, figures and 1000% commitment to the cause.

You don’t have to do it alone. Find yourself an eCommerce SEO specialist like Impress!ve that can implement the best practices and have your business achieving sky-high results.

How do we do it?

Part 1: Research

You don’t have to be the best eCommerce search engine optimisation company to know that any good marketing starts with research. (Though, for the record, we think we are the best.)

This combines keyword research and competitor research. It’s all about being well-prepared to optimise your page in the correct way. If you target the wrong phrases, you could be wasting dollars on keywords that generate low-quality traffic and don’t drive conversions.

Understanding what your competitors are doing well, and what they’re doing badly, can also help drive your approach.

Part 2: Identifying Current Problems

Fine-comb your site to identify any problems you should fix up. The auditing stage includes the location of site errors, monitoring website speed and functionality, and putting together an action plan to effectively fix the problems.

Remember: If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, fix it! 40% of visitors will give up and leave after this time. eCommerce SEO best practices dictate maintaining a simple page for better performance.

Part 3: On-page Optimisation

Take action within your site to make it rank. On-page optimisation is just as important as off-page SEO, and if you don’t give it your full force, you’re ignoring bunches and bunches of low-hanging fruit.

You can follow an online eCommerce SEO guide to try and tackle this, or you can pass the responsibilities onto us. We have some of Melbourne’s best SEO specialists in-house.

Let’s Break it Down Some More

Let’s Break it Down Some More

Just because we love statistics.

A study by Ignite Visibility found that position 1 of Google SERPs gets 20.5% of click-through rates. This decreases all the way to 13.32% for position 2 and continues to drop drastically from there. Australia’s online population is at an all-time high of 16.6 million. Out of this group, 12.6 million made an online purchase in 2015.

That’s why you need eCommerce SEO for Melbourne and other Australian businesses that are ready to climb the ranks.

If you’re not implementing an organic strategy, you’re losing out on clicks, brand impressions and sales. Unleashing an eCommerce SEO service onto your website is like a magnet for customers.

The best part of it all? We’re focusing on long-term achievements, not quick wins that cost a fortune.

Tailor-made eCommerce SEO Packages

Tailor-made eCommerce SEO Packages

It’s not enough for modern commerce businesses to be online, they need a customised and focused search engine optimisation plan.

Impress!ve’s dedicated team provides world-class eCommerce SEO in Melbourne. Companies all across Australia that want to be more visible, want sales and want to see success for their store should apply NOW to work with Impress!ve and achieve those goals.

There’s no cutting corners. Just pure, organic SEO that’s designed to drive qualified traffic and get your products in that online shopping cart. Our eCommerce SEO packages are created to match perfectly with your unique business and tailored to your objectives.

Combine eCommerce SEO services with PPC and Google Shopping services to only pay for the clicks that get you sales and push your product in front of the right eyes.

Target consumers with agile advertising & complex technologies

Target consumers with agile advertising & complex technologies

The tools we use may be complex, but our focus is simple. It’s delivering real results that accelerate the growth of your business and boost your revenue.

As experts across multiple digital marketing channels, leading businesses across Australia trust us to deliver cross-channel campaigns that yield the highest possible returns. By embracing customer insights, multi-variate testing and ad sequencing, our clients get a data-driven eCommerce strategy that scales as they do.

Book your free strategy session with a senior strategist at Impressive to find out how we could make your organisation one of the most competitive in its space.




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Tailored eCommerce services, made for sales

Whatever platform your online store is built on, we use proven innovation to optimise your store and boost sales and revenue. Our specific knowledge of each platform delivers the competitive advantage you need in a congested online marketplace.

eCommerce SEO
eCommerce SEO

An integrated optimisation strategy that includes best-in-class content, keyword research and technical SEO.

Shopify SEO
Shopify SEO

Optimise your Shopify store to increase your visibility in search engines and attract consumers searching for your products.

Magento SEO
Magento SEO

Increase your revenue and AOV by taking advantage of our Magento SEO knowledge, to grow your organisation with us.

WooCommerce SEO
WooCommerce SEO

Boost rankings on search engines and online marketplaces, so your WooCommerce store is easier to find and your products are easier to sell.

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If you want your traffic to grow without spending an arm and a leg, SEO is the way to go. Paid options such as Google Ads and social media marketing are extremely valuable tools that have a place in every campaign, but in highly competitive industries the costs for reaching your audience can skyrocket. 

SEO offers a more cost-effective alternative. If you’re willing to put in the time and the effort to build your site, not only will you be rewarded with increased traffic from the enhanced visibility you’ll achieve, you’ll also be left with a more conversion-optimised, user-friendly site that doesn’t just capture attention but turns it into clicks and sales. The benefits of eCommerce SEO can be enormous – speak to us today to find out more.

eCommerce SEO shares many similarities with SEO techniques applied to non-eCommerce sites, but there are some important differences. Crucially, the objectives of the campaign and how we reach them differ between an eCommerce site and a lead generation site. This requires careful keyword research and funnel construction, ensuring that we’re funnelling people to the right pages, at the right time, in the right way. Additionally, with some eCommerce sites hosting tens of thousands of pages, keeping the site in line with Google best practice is much more complex. Regardless of the nature of your website, know that Impressive is equipped to help yours stand out from the crowd, giving you the page one visibility you need to succeed in a competitive market.

At Impressive, we pride ourselves on taking a tailored approach to each and every website we work on. From our experience, we can tell you that off-the-rack solutions don’t just often fail to get results, they set you back, wasting money you could be spending to productively grow your business. Your business is unique, why wouldn’t your strategy be the same? For this reason, we are unable to offer a pricing guide to customers upfront, but encourage you to get in touch for a personalised proposal based on your goals, your needs and your overarching business strategy.

Like our lead generation SEO campaigns, our eCommerce SEO services begin with research – our goal is always to fully understand the challenges and opportunities facing your business, the strategic direction of your company and the nature of your industry. With that in mind, we’re able to conduct a deep SEO audit on your eCommerce website, looking for opportunities to achieve some quick wins through correcting basic errors and deepening our strategy. After that comes execution. It’s here that the magic happens – our SEO technicians and content marketers will get to work, ironing out technical issues and creating fluent, persuasive and on-brand copy for your products and category pages, helping you turn users into customers. 

SEO for eCommerce sites presents its own unique challenges that some SEO specialists are simply not equipped to meet. Ours are. Impressive’s team of SEO consultants has extensive experience managing the largest, busiest eCommerce sites for some of Australia’s most respected brands. We don’t just know how to get you ranking, but how to turn those ranks into sales, building for the conversion from day one.

SEO is an ongoing process that takes place in a highly dynamic environment. New competition, algorithm changes and customer behaviour shifts can all have a significant impact on a website’s rankings overnight. Because of the unpredictable nature of this space, Impressive doesn’t offer guarantees on SEO performance – and we believe any company that does isn’t offering you real value. Rest assured that we’ll work continuously and proactively to achieve the best results for you, putting you in partnership with some of the country’s most talented technicians, content writers and strategists.

If you’ve got an active website and you’re looking to move products through it, you’re a candidate. Every eCommerce website has the potential for further growth enabled by SEO. Our tailored approach means a strategy that’s uniquely suited to your specific needs and goals, giving you the best chance of success.




Our digital strategists examine your digital presence and that of your competitors, to pinpoint what’s needed to strengthen your visibility and credibility.


We build a tailored growth strategy that discusses how we plan to scale your eCommerce marketing.


We’ll predict the costs and return-on-investment you can expect from a partnership with Impressive.